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The ProActive "Smart Press" will prove to be
one of your most valuable manufacturing assets:

reduce...manufacturing headaches
eliminate...sorting and rework
minimize...carpal tunnel

If you are looking for a machine to manufacture small parts,
ProEnterpriz can help by providing a machine with or without basic tooling.

If you are looking for a turnkey package, ProEnterpriz is capable of
providing the design, engineering and manufacturing service necessary
to produce the tooling and fixturing for a turnkey project.

The ProActive "Smart Press" is used to inspect, correct, straighten, assemble, or form difficult to manufacture parts with micrometer accuracy. Lasers, proximity switches, or linear scales feed data back to the machine to make corrective decisions for accuracy.

Just 40" high, this versatile bench-top servo driven press produces 7500 pounds of controlled force.

Constructed of durable cast aluminum components, the "Smart Press" weighs only 615 pounds allowing for easy handling and movement. An operator friendly control panel utilizes a key pad or electronic hand wheel for data entry during set-up. In a matter of minutes, an unfamiliar operator can be up and running.

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Backgauge w/adjustable sidestop Shown w/European
Forming Setup